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It is quite impossible to imagine a travel company that does not own a website. What makes a good travel website? We take a look at the must-have features that best free travel website templates have.

Visually Compelling Layout

Travel is about pleasure and relaxation. Ask at all times if your template offers a perfect vacation experience. The journey starts from your site, not the airport. Therefore travel website templates must demonstrate exceptional attention to aesthetics.

Beautiful images, short video clips, and colourful graphics would make the visitor return again and again. Since the industry is rife with cut-throat competition, the typography, background colour and a captivating image carousel might mean the difference between your customer purchasing the service from you or your rival.

Responsive User Interface

It is easy to create an attractive travel website. It is harder to create one that also puts all the information that a customer needs within easy reach, through minimal layers of navigation.If the menu is complicated and the customer cannot figure out a way to reach from Point A to B by flight or train or cruise ship reasonably quickly, you have lost a lead. In simple words, there must be no struggle to extract information. The main menu and submenus should be composed thoughtfully to serve up information as efficiently as possible.

Predictive Search Bar

To cut down on time spent, you need to have a predictive search engine as part of free templates for travel website. As soon as the user inputs a few keystrokes, the search bar should show suggestions that they can select from. It cuts down the number of keystrokes and makes the search more narrowed down.

Search engine with Ajax makes it easier for the customer to find the information they are hunting for by spending as little time as possible. When the travel website is viewed through a smart device with a smaller screen, predictive search makes the process less stressful. Also, if you are using the latest technology, it assures the customer that your brand must also be contemporary in every aspect.

Payment Gateway

You have to ensure that the customer has a large number of options to use for payment. Almost every customer has multiple credit and charge cards as well as access to mobile payments and wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and others. Instead of filling in multiple fields about card numbers and CVV many prefer QR code that allows them to pay using their phone as a card repository.

Ease of payment through multiple channels are effective at creating lasting customer relationships. It goes without saying that the site needs to be protected throughout by SSL certification and high-grade encryption.

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