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Average Website Maintenance Costs in 2020

Website maintenance costs often go unplanned for, but are critical for making sure that your website runs reliably and efficiently. If you ignore website maintenance to cut costs, you may not notice until too late that you’ve been losing valuable traffic and sales. Even worse, you may have to end up paying for costly emergency repairs. In the long run, website maintenance is always less expensive than website repair.

A well-maintained website has many benefits – they’ll load faster, rank better, make more sales, run more reliably, and save you money in storage and hosting costs. We’ll break down the average cost of maintaining several different types of websites in 2020, ranging from very small hobby sites to large-scale business websites. We’ll also give you a recommended maintenance timeline to help you stay on top of things, and share a few tips and tricks on how to save money (and time) on your website maintenance. While the costs of your own website may vary depending on your unique needs, we’ve used our 10+ years of experience running and maintaining websites to estimate average monthly maintenance costs.

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